We provide a wide range of applications in the field of acoustic attenuators, as example gas exhaust silencers of engines, co-generators, fans, gas turbines, etc., as well as silencers for HVAC. We design, manufacture and install silencers of many individual characteristics and attributes, as circular, rectangular or oval design, diverse material types to suit application.

Building acoustics

NS Acoustics provide a measurements of sound insulation of walls as well as room and office acoustics. Thanks to the special sound analyzers and software we make field measurements of sound insulations in buildings and sound insulation of building elements – airborne sound.

We also measure reverberation time, which is a very important parameter of sound quality inside rooms and spaces where people work.

Vibration isolation

NS Acoustics designs, manufactures and installs vibroisolators to protect human, floors and other construction from machines vibrations. We provide a proper selection, manufacture and assembly of vibroisolators, that are well adapted to a given machine or device.

Noise and vibration measurements

We provide service in the field of sound and vibration measurements:

In the workplace –measurements and spectrum analysis of noise and/or vibrations, identification of noise sources, determination of sound level exposure (SEL),

Noise measurement in environment, industrial plant and other noise sources,

Measurement of reverberation time in rooms and spaces,

Determination of sound power of machines or other noise sources,

Measuring noise level from technical equipment of buildings,

And many others.

Our clients

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